Tek Deburr

Deburring Services by Tek Deburr

Fifty Years of Deburring Expertise on Long Island.

**News - Tek Deburr Are Proud To Announce Our Move To A New, Larger Location. Click Here For More Details!**

Tek Deburr Inc. has been in business On Long Island, New York for almost 50 years - providing industries such as aerospace, medical and many others with the most exacting and demanding deburring services and other finishing solutions.

Our core business is many types of deburring, but we also provide blending, polishing, sand blasing, glass beading and many more finishing services. See our Services menu (left) to find out more.

Our reputation for quality and reliability is second to none. Our proud history is testament to the fact that our customers trust us to deliver exactly what they need, every time.

What We Offer

  • Fifty Years of Experience, Knowledge and Expertise. No one knows finishing better than we do. Thanks to our work on the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), parts that we deburred are even now sitting on the moon!
  • A Reputation for Quality. Ask around, people know us. We've been an invaluable partner to some of the largest manufacturers in America - Grumman, Fairchild and Sikorsky to name but a few.
  • Samples Finished for Free. We would rather "show" than "tell" - send us a sample of the components you need finishing, and we will deburr them for free. Even for existing customers!
  • The Widest Range of Services. Our state of the art facility offers a huge diversity of services, from the speed and simplicity of tumbling to the unparalleled precision of hand deburring. Whatever the unique demands of your project may be, we have a process that fits.
  • An Unconditional Guarantee.We guarantee all of our work. If the finish isn't perfect, we'll work it until it is, at no additional cost.
  • No Job Too Large or Too Small. We can finish any quantity of parts, from 1 to 100,000 - with the same commitment to quality, consistency and common sense pricing.
  • Rapid Turnaround. The size and capacity of our facility means that we can complete jobs much more quickly than our competitors.Give us a forecast and send us a sample - you'll be surprised by how quickly we can finish your parts for you.