Tek Deburr

The History Of Tek Deburr

Fifty Years of Deburring and Finishing Expertise on Long Island.

Tek Deburr Inc. has been in business On Long Island, New York for almost 50 years - providing industries such as aerospace, medical and many others with the most exacting and demanding deburring services and other finishing solutions.

How We Began

Tek Deburr Inc. was established in 1966, in Farmingdale, New York, by Don Lippman, a naval Petty Officer and veteran of The Korean War. We have been doing business on Long Island ever since.

Wanting to create a secure future for his young family, Don saw the rapid growth of the aerospace industry on Long Island, and dedicated himself to providing the finishing services needed by companies like Grumman, Fairchild and Sikorsky - to name but a few

Later years: Growth & Diversity

For many years, we were a vital partner to the LI aerospace industry, but when it started to recede in the late 80's, we successfully diversified our operation, and offered our deburring and finishing services to manufacturers of computers, electronics, and medical machinery.

Long Island has changed so much in the last 47 years, and we've changed too. What we have maintained, however, is the commitment to quality, consistency and efficiency that has enabled us to maintain our success. While so many other companies are long gone, we are still strong!