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Centrifugal Deburring Services

Fifty Years of Deburring Expertise on Long Island.

Centrifugal Deburring, also known as Harperizing, is a specialized process, best used for delicate parts that would be damaged by more aggressive deburring processes.

What Is Centrifugal Deburring?

Centrifugal deburring is closely related to tumbling - with some very important differences.

Like tumbling, centrifugal deburring spins the parts to be deburred along with an abrasive medium. However, the spinning is horizontal rather than vertical, and the speed is much greater.
Not only does this make deburring time much shorter, it also creates a gentler effect - centrifugal deburring is excellent for finishing thin, soft or delicate parts that would normally need hand deburring, but in a much shorter time.


Number Of MachinesCapacity (Cubic Feet)Suitable MaterialsMinimum Part SizeMaximum Part Size
1 2 Any No Limit 0.75 Inches
* = all specifications are estimates only. Every job is unique.