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Aircraft Blending Services by Tek Deburr

An Invaluable Service To The Aerospace Industry.

Blending, often called Edge Blending or Aircraft Blending, is an invaluable service to the aerospace industry

What Is Blending?

Sharp edges, burrs and surface irregularities can cause injuries, create mechanical faults and dramatically shorten the service life of mechanical components.

Nowhere is this more important than in the aerospace industry: every component in an aircraft, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, needs to be operating optimally at all times.

Tek Deburr's blending services are performed mostly by hand, or manually on small machines. Aerospace Companies like Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Sikorsky have relied on us for five decades for our precision, reliabity and steadfast commitment to quality.


Blending Workstations Suitable MaterialsMinimum Part SizeMaximum Part Size
12 Durable Metals No Limit No Limit
* = all specifications are estimates only. Every job is unique.