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Sand Blasting & Glass Beading

Fifty Years of Finishing Expertise on Long Island.

Sand blasting and glass beading are different types of Abrasive Blasting. Both involve bombarding an object with abrasive, particulate media; the difference between them lies in the media used.

Sand Blasting

A stream of pressurised sand is used to deburr asnd create a smooth surface. The stream is higly directable, and as such it is perfect for use when the object being finished is large, unwieldy or intricately shaped.

Glass Beading

Very similar to sand blasting, but instead of sand, glass beads are used. The uniform shape and smooth surface of the glass beads makes the process gentler than traditional dry sandblasting, and creates a unique, matte finish.


Number Of MachinesCapacity (Cubic Feet)Suitable MaterialsMinimum Part SizeMaximum Part Size
1 10 All Metals (particularly irregular shapes) 1" 48"
* = all specifications are estimates only. Every job is unique.