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Aerospace Deburring, Blending & Metal Finishing Services

Tek Deburr And Dynamic Precision Have Created a Unique Service For Aerospace Companies.

Long Island has a long, proud history of excellence and innovation in aerospace and avionics. Tek Deburr has always been a part of this: we've been providing vital finishing services to the aerospace industry here for 50 years.

Now, our acquisition of Dynamic Precision gives us an even larger portfolio of services to offer to aerospace companies. We aspire to be Long Island's only "One Stop Shop" for aerospace metal finishing services.

Aerospace Finishing Services:

  • Blending. Edge & chamfer blending is a vital service to the aerospace industry, ensuring that all components have the smooth finish needed to ensure aerodynamics and stress-proofing. Blending is highly precise work and is usually carried out by hand. All of our technicians have at least 15 year's experience - in addition to our own 50 years in finishing of all types.
  • Deburring. Noone knows deburring like we do! Our expertise, experience and unparallelled capability ensure that, no matter the size, material or intended use, we'll make sure you get the right finish every time. Guaranteed.
  • Honing. Like blending, honing is vital for the safety and integrity of aerospace components. We carry it out with speed, precision and consistency every time.
  • Polishing. Finishing plays a vital part in aerodynamics. Talk to us about your unique requirements.

Our Customers

We provide finishing services for many luminaries of the American aerospace industry. The following companies rely on us to ensure the safety and performance of their products:

  • Northrop Grumman
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Fairchild
  • Sikorsky
  • BAE Aerospace